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How To Convert Your Print Template to a PDF

Instructional video:

This is a premium feature that is only available to users subscribed to the “Premium Print” tool.

  1. In the left column menu select the “Work Orders” link.
    Location of the menu item for finding Work Orders.
  2. This will take you to a page which lists all of your work order records. Either select an existing record or create a new work order. Our goal is to open a work order to access the print functionality for that work order.
    Work order list page.
  3. After you have opened a work order. At the top of the work order is the “Actions” panel. This is where you have actions that you can take with your work order. Example actions include: emailing invoices/estimates, printing invoices/estimates, deleting the work order and closing the work order.
    Actions panel located on the work order page.
  4. The premium print for the estimates and invoices can be identified by the diamond located next to the “Preview Estimate” and “Preview Invoice” buttons within the actions panel. Click on either button to open a preview of the estimate or invoice for this work order.
    Location of the Preview estimate and Preview invoice buttons.
  5. After pressing either the Preview Estimate or Preview Invoice buttons a new tab will open in your browser sending you to a publicly accessible view of your invoice/estimate. Note** You can copy this URL from your browser URL bar and share this directly with people if needed.
    Example preview of a work order estimate.
  6. At the top of the invoice and estimate preview page is a blue button “View as PDF”. Clicking this button will open the preview page as a PDF file. Depending on your browser configuration settings this will either trigger a PDF file download of the preview or it will open a new tab with the preview loaded as a PDF file. Note** PDF is often the preferred method to print estimates and invoices. These will look more professional than printing directly from the preview page.
    Location of the PDF conversion button to turn the preview into a PDF file.

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