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How To Create A Work Order

Instructional video:

To create an estimate (new Work Order):

  1. Visit app.hibbittsautopro.com and log in.
    Mechanic invoice creation software login screen
  2. In the left column menu select the “Work Orders” link.
    Location of the menu item for finding Work Orders.
  3. In the top right corner of the the estimates list page click the button that says “New Work Order”.
    Create new estimate button.
  4. Once you are on the work order creation page you are ready to begin filling out the work order creation form. First step is to complete the customer information section.
    Estimate creation customer information box for vehicle service estimates.

    1. For new customers you’ll want to select the “New Customer” button. It is very important to fill this form out completely. The customer information will be used in your marketing efforts and also visible on the final invoice. Filling out the customer phone number will allow you to automatically notify the customer via text message when their vehicle service is complete (feature not yet available). Filling out the customers email address will allow you to email the customer a copy of the estimate and/or the final invoice and accept payments digitally (feature not yet available).

      Mechanic estimate form to add a new customer to your records.

    2. For existing customers you’ll want to select the “Select Existing Customer” button. Use the search box to find the customer using their phone number or name.
      Mechanic estimates form to load existing customers information into the estimate.
  5. After completing the customer information section the second step is to complete the vehicle information section. This form will select the vehicle that will be receiving the service for this estimate.

    Auto mechanic estimate form vehicle information section.  

    1. It is very important to fill out this form completely. This will help you to keep accurate records on the vehicles that you have serviced for this customer. You will also be able to track vehicle service history. Completing the vehicle identification form completely will allow you to use this vehicle service history to send automated service reminders to your customer.  (feature not yet available). To make the vehicle identification process faster you can use the “Select Existing Vehicle” field to find a perviously serviced vehicle. This will pre populate all other fields in the form with known data about this vehicle. The “VIN” field is especially important since all vehicles use this as a unique identifier. Completing the “VIN” field prevents service records from being tied on the wrong vehicle.

      Mechanic estimate creation vehicle identification form.

    2. Helpful hint: to automatically load vehicle information into the form is to use the “VIN” lookup tool that is built into this form. To use the lookup tool type the VIN number into the “VIN” field and select the search icon located to the right of the field. If the VIN number was entered into the field correctly it will find the vehicle and automatically populate the remaining fields in the form.

      Vehicle service estimate form VIN lookup tool.

  6. After completing the vehicle information you are ready for the third step which is to add the line items for the estimate. This is where you’ll be adding the service request items that will be performed on the vehicle being serviced.

    1. Completing all fields in this form are required. The data in this form is used to calculate totals for the invoice and the details of the line items will be seen by the customer. The item description should be short and clear to reduce confusion about the services performed.
      Auto mechanic can easily add a new line item to the estimate form.
    2. Helpful hint: to automatically populate all fields in this form use the “Select Existing Item” field to search for a service that you’ve perviously performed. After finding the service type desired select it and the rest of the fields will automatically be populated.
      Mechanic estimate form canned jobs auto select field.
  7. The final step is the Actions panel. After filling out the work order form you’ll need to click the “Update Work Order” button. This will save the work order for your records. Later you can go back and edit the work order if needed.
    Location of the update work order button.

Congratulations! You’ve now created a new estimate.


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