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Vehicle Information Panel

Instructional video:

To attach a vehicle to a Work Order:

  1. On new Work Orders that have not previously had a vehicle attached to them you’ll see a message in the Vehicle Info panel that alerts you that a vehicle has not yet been associated with this Work Order.
    The vehicle information panel on the Work Order creation page.
  2. To add a new or existing vehicle to a Work Order, select the “Edit Vehicle” button.
    Location of the "Edit vehicle" button within the vehicle information panel.
  3. After clicking the “Edit Vehicle” button you’ll be presented with a modal that contains data fields important to creating a new vehicle or locating an existing vehicle within the software. Helpful Hint: It is extremely important to fill out this form completely to be able to take advantage of current and future features available within hibbittsautopro.com. This data will be visible on any estimates or invoices shared with the customer.
    The edit vehicle modal that appears when adding a vehicle to a work order.
  4. If you are adding a new vehicle to the Work Order that you have not previously worked on before. After filling out the form completely click the “OK” button to save the record. This will close the modal and associate the new vehicle to the Work Order.
    An example of the completed add vehicle form.
  5. If you are adding an existing vehicle to a Work Order. Use the field “Select Existing Vehicle” to help you locate the vehicle for this Work Order. Helpful Hint: Use this feature whenever possible. It greatly increases the speed in which Work Orders can be filled out and prevents the duplication of vehicles within your records.
    The location of the "Select Existing Vehicle" field within the edit vehicle modal.
  6. To use the search field start typing the Make, Model, VIN of the vehicle and a list of suggestions will be presented to you.
    The search vehicle autocomplete functionality making recommendations of possible vehicles for this Work Order.
  7. After locating the vehicle just select the vehicle to automatically close the modal and attach the vehicle to the Work Order.
    A vehicle is now associated with a Work Order and listed on the Work Order page.
  8. If you need to edit a vehicle record click the “Edit Vehicle” button. Making any changes here to the vehicle that is associated to the Work Order will automatically save the changes and update the Vehicle record permanently within hibbittsautopro.com. When everything looks correct, click the “OK” button to update the vehicles record and associate the vehicles updated details to the Work Order. This will close the modal and return you to the Work Order in progress.Location of the save/ok button on the edit vehicle modal.
    1. Congratulations! You’ve now associated a vehicle to a Work Order.

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