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How to Remove a Subaccount

The multi user sub accounts feature can be enabled on the “Account Billing” page. Learn more about enabling the subaccounts feature.

To find the User management page:

  1. Visit app.hibbittsautopro.com and log in.
    Mechanic invoice creation software login screen
  2. In the left column menu select the “Users” link.
    Location of the user management page within the main menu.
  3. The user management page is where you can manage which users will have access to your shops data within your main account.
    Example of the user management page.
  4. Identify the user that you would like to remove from your shop account. On the right side of the row is a “Delete” button. Clicking this button will remove the user’s access to your shop account.
    Location of the delete button to remove a sub account from your shop account.

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