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Connect your eEndorsements account to your hibbittsautopro.com account.

Instructional video:

Step 1. Collect your eEndoresments API key.

1. Log into your eEndorsements account. Locate the “My Account” link in the user menu.

My account menu link in the eEndorsements user menu.

2. Locate the “API Key” link at the top of the My Account page.

API key location within eEndorsements on the "My Account" page.

3. Copy the API key. You are going to want to paste this API key into a field within hibbittsautopro.com.

API key location within the eEndorsements My Account page. Blotted out for security reasons.

Step 2. Add the API key to your hibbittsautopro.com account.

1. Log into your hibbittsautopor.com account a navigate to the “Company Profile” page using the left navigation menu.

Company profile menu link location with red arrows pointing to the location within the sidebar menu.

2. In the “Integrations” block on the “Company Profile” page. Locate the eEndorsements option and click the button to connect to eEndorsements.

eEndorsements integrations button within the hibbittsautopro.com application.

3. A modal will come up. In this modal paste in your API key that you copied from eEndorsements. After this click the “Connect My Account” button. The modal will close.

eEndorsements integration modal. A field for inputing your API key.

At this point your accounts are connected and you’ll be able to send your hibbittsautopro.com customer database to eEndorsements.

A list of active integrations with third party providers inside hibbittsautopro.com.

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