Advanced Product Management

Elevate Your Product Management Experience!

Dive into the next level of product management with our new Advanced Product Management feature. Designed to streamline your product handling processes, this feature enhances your control and visibility over every product detail.

Enhanced Product Details at Your Fingertips -- New Fields

  • Part Number: Easily track and manage your products with unique part numbers.

  • Shipping Cost: Monitor and record the shipping costs associated with each product.

  • Supplier Name: Maintain a clear record of your products' suppliers for streamlined operations.

  • Manufacturer Name: Keep track of the manufacturers for all your products, ensuring detailed product lineage.

Automate and Simplify with Advanced Integrations -- New Functionality

  • Automatic Inclusions: Opt to have products automatically added to new invoices and work orders, minimizing manual entries and errors.

  • Nested Line Items: Organize your products with nested line items, offering you flexibility and detailed control over invoice structuring.

  • Sort Order Customization: Tailor the sort order of line items to match your workflow preferences, enhancing readability and management efficiency.

  • Nested Products & Product Groups: Create and manage product groups for simplified addition to work orders, boosting your operational productivity.

Seamless Integration with Your Existing System

Just like our Subaccounts feature, Advanced Product Management integrates seamlessly into your current setup, offering a unified and intuitive user experience. Manage your product details more efficiently and empower your team with enhanced functionalities, all under the same roof of